Friday, February 17, 2012

WELCOME!! This is my blog dedicated to all things THRIVE! If you don't know what THRIVE is, it's about time you found out. 
I have recently become a consultant for a company called "Shelf Reliance".  They originated out of Utah and have many great products one being a line of freeze dried foods called THRIVE! 
This food is FANTASTIC!  It lasts anywhere from 10-25 years on your shelf which makes it ideal food storage, BUT, it makes even better everyday cooking ingredients.  This is my blog to show you how I am incorporating THRIVE foods into my every day life so that you can see the versatility of these foods and hopefully want to give them a try.  
This is my website:
You can see all the products there and learn some more about the foods. You will LOVE them I'm sure.
If you are looking for food storage, this is the product that you need, or if you are looking for healthy convenient food this is the product you want.
Please feel free to ask me questions I would love to answer them for you!
This company has turned their food line into a home party program so that people are able to try the foods and share it with their family and friends.  I am loving going into people's homes and telling them about this food and seeing how much they love it.  This is a new company with lots of potential so if you are interested in becoming a consultant I would LOVE to have you on my team!

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