Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Thriving Scouts!!

 I am sooo excited to do this post!! My husband and I had so much fun with this.
Tomorrow my husband is leaving with his scouts for almost 4 DAYS on a winter camp!!!!! So not excited about him being gone but I know they'll have fun, and they will be totally eating like kings!  Because almost all of their meals will be completely THRIVE!!! WOOHOO!! Light weight, healthy, and all they need is water  (hoping there would be more snow for them to melt...) How perfect is this food for campers and hikers??
We came up with some recipes, and with trial and error we got the measurements just right and then put all the ingredients into a ziploc bag so all they have to do is open it and pour into a pan or pot with water.
So the recipes I've written out are enough for one person.  Mike put enough for 2 boys per bag which is nice because it's less bags to worry about.
I will post all the recipes under each picture  (If it is not a THRIVE product I will specify, otherwise everything else is Freeze Dried THRIVE)
Here is their meal plan:

  • Wednesday night they are doing steaks ( Of course they have to have their steaks out in the wilderness to make them feel like real men.....or something like that )
  • Thurs breakfast- Scrambled egg omelet 
  • Thurs Supper-Mac and cheese with THRIVE milk powder
  • Friday breakfast-  oatmeal with strawberries
  • Friday lunch-on trail 
  • Friday supper- Chicken and rice
  • Sat breakfast-either oatmeal or eggs
  • Sat lunch-Ichiban with THRIVE veggie medly

Take this Hot Dogs!!!


1/4c     Powdered egg (this was not THRIVE egg but THRIVE does have egg powder)
1 Tbsp   Ham TVP
1 Tbsp   Sausage (real or TVP)
1 Tsp    Mushroom
1/2 Tsp  Chopped Onion
1 Tsp    Spinach
1 Tsp    Peppers
1 Tbsp   Cheese

I followed the instructions for the powdered eggs that was on the package we had which was to put into pot of water and cook like scrambled eggs.  So we just added the veggies and cheese with the egg powder into the water and here's how it turned out.  SO GOOD!! I was impressed with how good powdered egg was.


  3/4c   Quick oats

 2 Tbsp Strawberries
 2 Tbsp Blackberries
 1 Tbsp Brown sugar
 1 tbsp Powder Milk

Put in pot with 1 1/2 c water, bring to a boil and cook to desired consistency. YUM!
This is like dessert for breakfast.  

Chicken and Rice

1 tsp  Chicken bouillon 
2/3 c  Instant rice
1Tbsp  TVP chicken
1Tbsp  Sausage
3Tbsp  Grn. Beans
1Tbsp  Sweet corn
1Tsp   Chopped onion
salt and pepper to taste

Mix 1 cup water with veggies,meat, and
bouillon. Bring to a boil and boil for 1 min, add rice and lower heat to medium high and cook covered for about 5 min or until veggies are hydrated and rice is soft.  
This was SO tasty! The bouillon gives this so much flavour. Mike and I couldn't get enough. This would totally hit the spot while on a miserable cold camp.  

So then there is the KD with the Milk powder and Ichiban with the veggies. I really  hope these boys are not going to be dissapointed with the food. There is unlimited possibilities with more meals that would be versatile for camping, hiking, ect.  Hope you enjoy!

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  1. wow, looks amazing! Thanks for showing such a functional way to use Thrive products.