Friday, March 2, 2012

Chicken Pot THRIVE style!!

Mmm..there's nothing better than a warm, hearty chicken pot pie on a cold day.   Well maybe just on ANY day for that matter! So that's why I wanted to find the PERFECT chicken pot pie recipe.  And this little jem did NOT disappoint.  I  came across this recipe here.  This is a fantastic blog and I will be using many more recipes from it for sure! Of course I used as much THRIVE foods as I could.  And let me tell you, it was so much more than just warm and hearty.  It was cheesy, it was saucy, it was sooo.......satisfying.
I followed the recipe pretty much to a "T".  I did cut the cheese back a little bit in the sauce ( I have a tendency of cutting out ingredients in recipes that make the recipes so good...I'm trying to be healthy but it almost always back fires on me) so in other words....add all the cheese.
Here is a pic!

This picture does not do it justice (The picture on her blog is way better)
So Instead of the fresh veggies I used all THRIVE.  I used green beans, carrots, mushrooms, and some onion. Enough to make 2 cups. You can use whatever veggies you'd like.  I threw them all into a pot with some water (enough to  cover them all) and brought it to a boil and then simmered for about 7 min until it was all rehydrated.
Then I drained the veggies and mixed it with the meat. washing or chopping. Just throwing into a pot.  So nice.

I was so excited to use the CHEESE! How crazy is that, freeze dried cheese! But it is so good to just eat right out of the can.  So I used this instead of fresh grated cheese and it was great! I rehydrated it in cold water ( learned the hard way that you don't do it in hot water...) for about 10 min until it is no longer crunchy. It won't melt properly if you don't let it rehydrate all the way.  Then I drained it and used it like regular cheese in the recipe.  So fun to try it.

Hope you enjoy!!