Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Green with envy Smoothie!

I know you're all probably thinking ....gross  But trust me, this is DELICIOUS and it has lots of nutrients and added fibre. It was SO easy with the THRIVE fruits.  Sometimes making smoothies can be a hassle, as much of a hassle as getting your kids to eat vegetables.  But with the THRIVE fruits it was quick and easy and guarantee your kids won't even know that they are sipping spinach through their straws. 

I promise all you taste is sweet fruit!
I made this at a THRIVE party that I did on St. Patricks's Day.  It was a HIT!
This is where I found the recipe.
 Here is what I did to incorporate THRIVE:

1 cup    THRIVE bananas 
1/2 cup THRIVE peaches
1/2 cup THRIVE mango
1/4 cup THRIVE spinach-   The THRIVE spinach is very strong so add to your taste.  You do not need very much.  You may want to add less than the 1/4 cup at first and then add to your liking.
1 cup    cold water 

*Optional add ins* 
1 cup ice 
1 cup yogurt 
THRIVE peach drink
If you do not have the listed fruits you can substitute for what you do have. If you stray away from light colored fruits, your smoothie will turn out brown and not the bright green. So keep that in mind. It will still taste good but not look as appetizing. 

Put fruits and spinach into blender, add water and let sit for 10 min ( or until fruits starts to rehydrate)  stirring occasionally.  Add optional add ins and blend until it reaches your desired consistency.  You may need to add more liquid depending on the consistency.  

This is proof that kids DO like it!


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